Saturday , June 12 2021

"The inappropriate behavior of the Archbishop is not forgiven by death" – Newsbeast

"Oh Archbishop He does not convince the bishops, "Metropolitan Cesarari and Voronas said in Goodnight Greece, commenting on his departure from the meeting Hierarchy.

Asked about the position of the Archbishop to agree with the prime minister for the priest's salary, he commented that "church history will be judged and, generally speaking, the treaty, he noted that" the agreement was made in our slogan. "

Asked to give "advice" to the prime minister and the leader of the main opposition, he urged them to acquire a "church ethos".

At the same time, referring to the archbishop, he said that "for the crimes of the metropolitan and the archbishop, neither the death is forbidden," in the case of the Church.

"Even after their death, they can be condemned. In church life, nothing is forgotten," he said.

Asked, finally, if the Archbishop wins, he replied that "if he relies on his support, which is the Hierarchy, he will be defeated."


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