Wednesday , June 16 2021

The Chinese "artificial sun" opens the way to fusion energy

Significant progress has been made in the field of fusion energy by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, using the "artificial sun". This is EAST (Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak) that has reached the temperature of electrons above 100 million degrees Celsius in the plasma core during a four-month experiment. This temperature, as indicated by the academy in its announcement, is seven times higher than the temperature inside the Sun, which is 15 million degrees Celsius.

This experiment was carried out by EAST team at the Hefei Institute of Physical Sciences, in cooperation with "national and international colleagues" and the thermal energy obtained was 10 MW.

EAST is a tokamak reactor, consisting of a metallic "donut", which he throws in a vacuum and then takes away hydrogen atoms. These people are heated by many different methods, for creating a plasma, which is then compressed by a series of strong magnets. Plasma obtains such a high temperature and is compressed so much that the conditions in the reagents become equivalent to those in the sun, which causes the hydrogen atoms to melt, release huge amounts of energy. We hope that at some point you can build a reactor where the fusion reaction will be self-sufficient, which will give more energy than it consumed.

EAST obtained this unprecedented data from research on temperatures and thermonuclear density for about 10 seconds, a combination of four different heating methods to create a plasma and start the merger process. The goal of the experiment was to investigate how to maintain stability and balance of the plasma, its limitation and transport, and interaction with other molecules. In any case, the great novelty in this case is that it has been proven that it is possible to reach temperatures above 100 million degrees, required for the development and operation of sustainable nuclear fusion technology for energy production.

It is recalled that in addition to the "Chinese artificial sun", the last round international media reported that the satellite – "artificial moon" Illuminate the city of Chengdu in southwestern China in 2020 to "fill" the moonlight in the evening, replacing the lights on the streets.


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