Saturday , October 23 2021

That's why you'll see Bakodemus wearing glasses at "Greece Have Talent"


Maria Bakodimou has talent in today's episode of Greece, she comments on the talents that will be behind her dark glasses, and the reason why she sets her up is serious!

The beloved presenter was forced to shoot with his glasses because he made him quilted and he can not paint.

In order not to feel as bad as she does, the makeup emphasizes the beauty of a woman's face, Maria decided to wear dark glasses and be present in long photo sessions.

As a good professional and without creating a problem in the workflow for which hundreds of people work, he decided to make this solution so that everyone would be happy.

It was completely accidental, with glasses, and we saw Eleni Tsaligopoulou in the show. In our healthy child yesterday evening and it appeared for the same reason, because it became beer in the eye.

You see, these unexpected things also have to be solved …


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