Friday , August 7 2020

Takis Hatzis: "Persons who went to SKAI recently, something secondary, don't play a good role"

Takis Hatzis, after some years of working with SKAI, moved to Alpha's morning zone this year. Tina Messaropoulou met him on the Happy Day camera at his off-line show. The journalist had a lot to say …

“I went from SKAI with gratitude to Yiannis Alafouzou for the support that has helped me for many years now and I love him. But it didn't happen because it was 7 days a week working there, I couldn't keep it anymore, I couldn't afford it, I wanted a quality life over the years. That's why there is no other background, "Takis Hatzis said.

Takis Hatzis, however, threw a big nail: "There are also people who went to SKAI recently who don't play a good role, something secondary that brought them there …".

Who does the well-known journalist mean?

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