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Shehu: Sophisticated Young Lyme – 24th Gospel

And yet, the case of 19-year-old Christo (Christo) Shehu is of great interest, as are the … small stories around him, because he has the specifications for an international Mitroglus career (referred to as "Mitrogol" because of … George Doni and you'll understand what we mean below).

But who is this tall, weak-skinned, high-tech striker who has already set out to create his own legend in Koropi about his talent and accomplishments? "New Liberopoulos in the most sophisticated" was the most striking description we have heard of Christo's style.

1. When George Donis first saw him in Panathinaikos, he admitted that Christos Sechou (technically given his age) is the best center coach he has ever coached!

2. Both Nikos Dabizas and Giorgos Donis believe in his talent …

3. On the international scout squad they talk about a center forearm with a "9ar" body and a "10ar" technique! With a height of 1.90 m, slender, his strength is not in the area or in the air but with the ball in his feet and he likes to invent and create phases!

4. Appeals to scoring and last season with Panathinaikos' K19 counted 14 in 18 games. However, as those who have watched it say, it has the easier so-called … difficult goal.

5. Born in Eretria and taking his first steps at the local Apollo Academy, he has competed with both the National Children's Club of Albania and the Greek National Youth …

6. He was very unlucky at the beginning of the summer after having a stomach puncture, so he lost all preparation with Doni, which left him behind …

7. He is considered and is a super talent, but he should be strong but also regularly made more complete in his moves in the "box" …

8. Christos Sechou substantially extended his contract to Panathinaikos, which he would say on 30/6/2020 until June 2022. Although he could talk to or even close with any group since January, inside and outside the border. For the history of the bye-out he did not enter into the new Shecho contract.

9. The truth is that several teams from overseas, including – most notably – from Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland have scanned him while his file is in the scouting departments …

10. Given that Christos Sechou came into the market, let alone as a future free agent, he had the whole “package” to attract teams from outside and even good ones from major leagues. Given that it belongs to a large Greek office such as Sportsconnection that has the tips and is constantly pursuing international deals with young Greek footballers (Doni in Reims, Kyriakopoulos in Sassuolo, Koutsoupia in Bologna, Dimitriou in Basilia, Siaulia Mialii ).

11. The approach of experienced agent Antonis Apostolopoulos to his client was that Shehu was not yet ready to step abroad. Although there were interest and suggestions. He had to stay in an opportunity like Panathinaikos, with opportunities, in a team that both its coach and technical director treat it as a great project.

12. Shehu-Apostolopoulos' clear goal is to work for the next 2 years in Panathinaikos and to evolve / improve so that he is ready to claim his transcript abroad. After all, he belongs to an office that has proven to be not just a client abroad to transcribe but to stay and career outside.

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