Wednesday , June 16 2021

Services for buying data embedded in the company's smartphones

And something very innovative OnePlus. On the occasion of the announcement of the new beta version of the operating system Oxygen operating system, the company announces the service OnePlus roaming which will now be in its Wi-Fi & Internet Devices Settings.

What is that? OnePlus roaming;

Basically, this is one a data service completely independent of the SIM card which, according to OnePlus, will be supported in almost all countries and regions (does not provide a detailed list) and the user can buy data packets or activate what they have purchased in advance. The list of packages and their prices will vary from country to country.

Keep in mind that the service OnePlus roaming does not support phone calls because it only covers data and does not require even the presence of a SIM card.

OnePlus Roaming is part of the release Oxygen Operating System Open Beta 7 for OnePlus 6 and is expected soon in OnePlus 6T. Logically, in the next few days we will be informed about older models of OnePlus.


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