Thursday , November 21 2019
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Samos: A teacher on Monday tried to defend education for refugees

Parallel support teacher, speaking to ERT, referred to the Association of Parents' lawsuit against her and the decision long days when their children leave school, due to the launch of the Refugee Support and Education (EDP) structure at 14 refugee baby at that school last March.

Indeed, the abstinence of the students from their classes while the refugee girls went to afternoon classes, not the elementary school classes, triggered the prosecutor's intervention.

Association of Parents and Guardians of Vathios Samos Elementary School asks teacher 50,000 euros, as he said in a statement "in an abusive, abusive and abusive tone he said: Are you racist and do you want your children to do that? & # 39;

"They think I have made a claim that they are racist, which I strongly reject," the teacher said, noting that when the children expressed fear that they would get sick because they would be in the same office, she talked about love, humanity and equal right to education.

With her announcement ELME Samos is calling to a halt tomorrow Monday and expresses condolences to the teacher who is prosecuting the parent association lawsuit.

“On Monday 21/10/2019, our colleague from our elementary school is in rehearsal. Her offense was that she believed that all children in the world had a place at school, regardless of their skin color, religion, financial status of their parents. She believed that children should not build walls between them and that together they could create a better world, "said ELME teachers in Samos.

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