Monday , October 25 2021

Peruvian: Seven dead from falling snow in a vacuum


Peru: Seven dead from falling snow in a vacuum - Carrying children

Seven people were killed, and another twelve were injured after they fell into the bus void carrying members of the football team under the age of 14, announced Sunday by the Minister of Internal Affairs of Peru.

Six prebiotics and a bus driver were killed in a crash, in Rondon (north), according to the ministry. The bus headed for Tsatsapogia and carried a total of 35 passengers.

Pictures and videos broadcast by local media depict bus damaged, among trees and plants.
"Accidents are often in this area because the road is narrow," said the director of Tsatsapogia Hospital, Jorge La Torre.

Trafficking in human beings is extremely severe in Peru: according to police data, in 2017 Andean Country lamented more than 2,700 deaths as a result of such accidents.

Only in September at least 23 people died in an accident involving a bus in the Tsoubivilka province (south).

Source: RES

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