Saturday , June 12 2021

Next top model: Kaya's struggle with Papageorgiou interrupted the LIFESTYLE assembly

Next top model: That the relationship between Vicky Kaya and Iliana Papageorgiou is not the best we know.

Two ladies in fact fashion denied several times, while Bratis takes part in Kaya and Skoulos from Papageorgiou.

We did not know that there was a great fight between them, which was interrupted in the edition and was never shown to our recipients.

His revelation was made by his column at Dimitris' Hungarian breakfast, which he pinned her for good saying: "We are talking about Kaya from the one who is squeezed and a little bit bratis … On the other hand, he is clearly opposite Skoulos and Papageorgiou. In fact, he fought in front of the players and was cut to assemble".

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