Saturday , June 12 2021

Marilyn Panayotoulos: "They Flirt Many Smaller Men" (video)

Marilyn Panayotopoulos declares Tinkerbell in Breakfast and recognizes Mary Aroni that she only works with extreme things in her life and that many younger men have a great weakness, according to the West.

"Only the extreme things that I do. Within 5 minutes, I decided to change my career to help the person with whom I was in love, so I had to switch to the media." I began writing in magazines and doing shows on that cause.

Yes, I'm very happy in this piece, and I'm Tinkerbell, you know it too well, I'm a fairy, so as a fairy I attract younger children. The younger man can stand alone beside me because the elderly can not follow me in the night life. My sons do not even know my age, "says Marilyn Panayiotoulos.

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