Monday , January 25 2021

Liverpool: Fambino injury injures Klopp | Champions League and Liverpool

Evil in Liverpool hit “red”, as only three games after his injury Virgil Van Dyke, Fambino was also injured and the position of the second stopper is left “orphan”.

The Brazilian, reserve center back to adequately fill the gap of the Dutchman, left with a forced change of 30 ‘in the match against Midtjylland, from Jurgen Klopp to confirm the fracture concerns at the press conference and not to hide the disappointment.

«That was just the last thing we needed now. I know he felt broken. He said he could go on, but without a sprint, which does not help. See, we will know more about X-rays“, Said Klopp, who gave the injuries Van Dyke, Fambino, but also Matip, stays alone with him Rice Williams and even younger, Sepp Van de Berg in place of the stoppers.

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