Wednesday , June 16 2021

Katrougalos on Turkey's challenges: Our foreign policy is based on international law POLICY

"Greek foreign policy is consistently based on international law, and our national laws are always equipped with legality," Deputy Foreign Minister George Katoigalos said shortly after the work of the EU's Foreign Affairs Council.

Ms. Koutougallos, speaking to ANA-MPA, said that Greece always reacts with sobriety to the challenges and always evaluates the prism underneath it. "We have made the necessary diplomatic cooperation on a bilateral and tripartite level. Coordination of our pace with the Republic of Cyprus, so there is no reason for concern," said Mr. Katoighalos.

Asked about recent publications on publicly available maps, the Deputy Foreign Minister said this is not the first time to accuse accusations that have no basis in international law, stressing that these cards have never been officially promoted by the Turkish side.

"We have concrete arguments based on international law and obviously we reject totally unfounded allegations, for example, that the islands do not have a continental shelf," G. said. Kutugalos, pointing out that it would be like claiming that the UK and Ireland have no rights in their economic zones.

Meetings with N. Christodoulides and Z.J. only Ntrin

On the sidelines of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the EU, Mr Koutougallos met with his Cypriot counterpart, Nikos Christodoulides. "We are coordinating our action with Cyprus to resolve current issues, such as Cyprus's sovereign right to use its resources, as well as all other national issues. We will continue to work closely with respect for international law, rejecting the noise that it raises rights based on international law, "G. said. Kutugalos.

In addition, in connection with the ratification of Brekit's agreement by EU ministers in today's Council, Mr. Kutugalos said the agreement was an "honest" compromise that encompasses the interests of the "27" of the EU, but also the United Kingdom. He also noted that Greece expressed its support and solidarity in Spain on the special issue with Gibraltar.

Finally, the Minister said that all other issues discussed in the Council are related to the key problem: "Being European foreign policy and defense, as firmly and autonomously as possible. This was what we supported during the meeting and in connection with Ukraine and Bosnia and Herzegovina, which emphasizes the need for Western Balkans' European prospects as a hope for their future and, of course, for Yemen with a deep humanitarian crisis. "

Within the framework of the issues of a single European defense, Mr. Kutugalos met with French Foreign Ministers Jean-Louis Drentin and Cyprus, N. Christodoulides.

Source: RES-EAP

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