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Jan Yaman: Turkish Actor Responds to Controversial Photo at Acropolis

Turkish actor Jan Yaman explained a photo of himself with a Greek flag on the Acropolis rock.

The protagonist of the series "Winged God" aired on SKAI, appeared today on the show of Nikos Moutsina "Good Mesimeraki". Yesterday, Yaman went up with friends on the sacred rock posting photos of his visit to his Instagram account, and the presenter didn't miss the opportunity to ask him.

Among other snapshots, the camera captured Yaman in a gesture with the middle finger of his right hand stretched out, which many interpreted as obscene. But as he explained today, this is a move he is used to when trying to put on his glasses, or correct their position.

"You must be crazy if you think he made a bad move", the interpreter who was in the studio with the actor and the presenter translated. "In the series, these movements are often made by the character, and if you see me in the series you will notice it," the actor added.

Thirty-year-old Jan Yaman had started his career as a model and now starred in the series and is considered one of the most popular Turkish actors. An indication of his popularity even in Greece, is the warm welcome he received at Eleftherios Venizelos Airport, with the actor uploading video of the delirium to his account.

Yesterday, Faliro's channel officially welcomed him and the actor thanked SKAI for the evening. "It is my honor to receive me with such warmth. Wonderful crowd. "

Today, Yaman told Nikos Mucinas that he has learned some Greek words and phrases in Greek, but he forgets them. However, he managed to say in Greek "What are you doing" live on the plate, adding that he would like to speak better Greek so that he can become friends with Nikos Mucinas. "We can become friends like that," the presenter replied.

Watch the video of today's appearance by Yaman on "Good Lunch"

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