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Greek companies refuse to serve Iranian tanker – SKAI (


It is possible that the Iranian tanker could run out of fuel in the Mediterranean.

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22/08/2019 – 08:08

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Serious obstacles face an Iranian tanker released by Gibraltar and heading to Kalamata, according to the Wall Street Journal, even increases the chance of being trapped in the Mediterranean.

Adrian Daria 1 was planning to fortify Kalamata, receive food and fuel and pour oil into another tanker, a report from shipping companies said.

Originally Greek companies
they were considering cooperating with Hadrian Daria 1, but repeated warnings from the United States that any Mediterranean country that aids the Iranian ship would be sanctioned, ending these deliberations.

Iranian ship managers have examined them Cyprus as an alternative destination According to the report, however, none of the Cypriot companies are ready to defy Washington's messages, reports the US daily.

One European diplomat told the WSJ that the Greek government also does not want to allow the tanker to overload the barrels it carries while in Greek waters.

Yesterday, Deputy Foreign Minister Miltiadis Varvitziotis said Greece said it would not facilitate the navigation of the tankers in any way, especially if its cargo is destined for Syria. But he declined to specify what Athens would do if Adrian Daria 1 was fortified on the Greek coast.

The main fear in Athens is that US sanctions will include the cancellation of visas granted to Greek teams. This development will affect Greek seafaring, which plays a key role in world trade.

However, with existing data It is possible that Adrian Daria 1 could be immobilized immediately in the Mediterranean Sea because it does not have a call port, no one accepts fuel and there is insufficient fuel to return to Iran.

The tanker has such a large displacement that it is impossible to navigate through the Suez Canal, so it will have to move through the straits of Gibraltar and around Africa again.

Uncertainty surrounding Adrian Darryl 1 aggravates the deal to release the British tanker sign, which has been held in Iran since July.

WSJ: Greek companies refuse to service Iranian tanker
It is possible that the Iranian tanker could run out of fuel in the Mediterranean.
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