Saturday , November 16 2019
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Google Maps: Witness where police blocks are located

The new post is expected to be announced this week Google Maps, which will allow app users to see that there are police blocks and fast cameras.

Soon it will be "easy" for Google Maps users to find – if they want – where police forces are on the streets.

The new feature will be available to both Android, as you do iOS and over speedometers, it can be reported or found where there are traffic jams, which lanes will be closed, or if there are other problems on their way.

Google Maps Incident Reporting Function

Apps like Waze, which also belongs to Google, have received strong criticism from police organizations and have been accused of obstructing police work.

But according to Google, the new Google Maps feature will make the roads safer as users "see the police presence and be more careful in the way they drive".


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