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"El Paso" in Patras: Cranioons made coffee for a cake-nail

The attack may be associated with fancy differences – they broke the windows and chairs, attacked the patrons and threw Molotov

A smoke attack at the Olympia store of the three admirals was immediately before 12 am Sunday Patras.

As you drive in the owner of the company, about 15 people, carried helmets, attacked shopkeepers, and then made a shop with glasses – nails, breaking window and masses, while they threw Molotov.

On the spot are men from the DIAS team and the OSCE. ELAS men are looking for young people, and according to the same information, they seem to have taken the stools from other local stores that they threw at the store. The information also says that before they fled, they also ripped the mobile phone. From the confrontation, a man, an old man, was reportedly wounded and was in the store at the time. The elderly man reportedly received a relative.

More recent information, they are talking about abusive motivational assault. MOLOTOF IN PATRA - ATTITUDE IN CASE OF MAGAZINE


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