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Demi Moore: Her mother pushed her into prostitution

Famous actress Demi Moore's deposition with journalist Diane Sawyer is shocking. It revealed that her mother had betrayed her when she was 15, shocking public opinion around the world..

Behind the glitter of Hollywood, millions of dollars, alcohol and substances, the star hides her childhood wounds. Her findings have caused tremors. Her mother sold it to her husband for $ 500!

"I think it was not a pure transaction, but he still gave him access and put me on the path of evil," she said in a television interview.

The "blow" in her life … double! In her teens she learns that the man who raised her is not her biological father. She is left alone with her alcoholic mother and has to save her many times from suicide.

Demi Moore leaves her home. Substances and alcohol become its partner. She turns from audition to audition and at some point, at the age of 19, her happiness hits the door. Role in the series "General Hospital".

Detoxifies and stays sober for 20 years. To 40 where after divorce with Bruce Willis, he returns to Aston Kutcher again. In her book Inside Out, Moore claims that the young actress hit her twice … However, their separation destroys her.

"I felt like a 15-year-old girl hoping to be loved," she admitted.

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