Saturday , June 12 2021

CSKA Moscow – Zalgiris 99-97: Reserve for the army team – Euroleague


Sergio Rodriguez retained his team with 24 points (6/10 3) and 6 assists, while Willi Clubburn (15 points, 13 rebounds) and Corey Higgins (23 points) were also very good.


Willi Cleaver (15 points, 13 rebounds) was double, while Nate Walters (14 points, 9 assists) and Adana Kavalayuska (19 points, 8 rebounds) were found near Zhalgaris.


Zalgiris away from home transformed for the better and this was done against CSKA Moscow. Sarah's team at the start of the show showed their moods and was completely devoted to her plan, not allowing their opponents to run, postponing the options and with two consecutive triples from Westermann, one behind the center, preceded by 14-16 (8 & # 39;), while on + 2 found the completion of 10 & # 39; (16-18).

CSKA Moscow in the second round found solutions from Rodriguez, De Kolo and Boloboy, but failed to get out of their opponents. The great rotation of Sarah flew, Jalgaris kept control of the rhythm and at the end of the first half teams had open bets (37-38).

The image of the fight did not change in the third period, while the whole Sarah continued to prove how read it was. Zalgiris had a small arm in the longest run, reaching 27 to +4 (49-53) and 30 minutes forward with one point (59-60).

CSKA Moscow found solutions from Bologna equalized to 67-67 at 33 and at the moment Zhalgiris decided to squeeze the gas. Hosts who ran 0: 8 with Grignon, Milkis, Kavalyaukas and Werderman were 67-75 (35), while in 37 'Grinjoi scored a triple for his team +9 (71-80). CSKA Moscow did not deliver the "guns" and with the lead Sherry reduced it to 81-84 at 38:45, and then defeated the defense. The Spanish Guard took responsibility and with the third goalkeeper in the last three minutes he was 84:84 at 39:17, forcing Sarunas Jasikevitius to appear on time. Wolters at 39:25 left the ball in the basket of CSKA Moscow for 84-86, but in the same way Sergi is equal (86-86, 39:35). In the summer of Walters in the remaining time was uncomfortable, iron and the strike of Claimbern were found in front of the center, and the game was prolonged.

Thriller continued to lead, because the lead was constantly changing and the teams entered the last two-week draw (94:94). In 38:53, Sergi won with a big three-scorer for 97-94, but Zalgiris equalized with Grizli and Kavalashukas. Clayburn 17 & # 39; & # 39; before the final had 2/2 shots and CSKA Moscow chose to play the defense. Zalgiris found a free three-scorer with Walters, who, however, failed.

JOINING: At the airport "Megasport" 6,922 fans were present, as the organizing body informed, while some of the friends of Zhalgaris were among them.

JUDGES: Perth, Hordof, Rosie.

DEFINITIONS: 16-18, 37-38, 59-60, 86-86 (et al.), 99-97

CSKA Moscow (Itudis): De Colo 13, Bloomberg 8. Peter 3 (1), Rodriguez 24 (6/10 trophies, 6 assists), Voroncevic, Klabern 15 (13 rebounds), Hacket, Kurbanov, Haynes 3, Hunting 10.

ZALGKIRIS (Yaskevicius): Davis 8, Walton, Wulters 14 (9 assists), Valkamp 6, Westerman 11 (3), Birutis 4. Milaknis 9 (1), White 13 (2), Gregoryan 13 (1), Kavaliuyuk 19 (8 rebounds).

Team statistics at CSKA Moscow: 25/50 doubles, 8/20 trips, 25/31 shots, 26-7 jumps, 15 assists, 5 steals, 5 errors, 5 pieces.

Žalgiris Statistical Group: 23/50 two points, 7/13 tripods, 30/36 shots, 31-11 jumps, 20 assists, 3 steals, 10 bugs, 1 cut.

The following obligations of both teams: CSKA Moscow on the 9th European match will face Budduzov (23/11, 21:30) in May, while Zalgaris will host Chimki (23/11, 19:45).

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