Sunday , June 20 2021

Crete SPORTS FM 87.6 – list of Olympic Arachos


The case of Sergey Arahous to strengthen his aggressive line is considered by Olympiacos in connection with the January deadline for the transfer.

January is approaching, Olympiakos is getting a move to gain aggressiveness, which is why the scenarios began in connection with the upcoming date of the transfer.

The latter comes from "Real News" and concerns well-known Greek public opinion, namely Sergio Arauco, who has a contract with Las Palmas.

According to a Sunday report (18/11), the former AEK player is very high on the list of "reds" and will consider whether it will be possible to take over in January.

Pedro Martins called for a stronger line-up in his hands, especially to the offensive line, because Hassan has not yet adapted and from time to time he encounters various problems with injuries, while Guerrero is more peripheral than the center behind the center.

The Argentine striker had 23 goals from AEK in 60 battles and helped to a large extent in winning the title from the "Union".

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