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Coronavirus: Nightmare spread – New restrictive measures at the gates

For a long time, the professor Ciodras informed the people around him that any reappearance at the Ministry of Health briefings would only refer to circumstances in which things would be “very serious”. The figures released by the National Health Agency on Tuesday were relentless.

Ciodras: We do not lose hope, we want to avoid locking

With a dramatic tone, Sotiris Ciodras pointed out that more than the language of measures speaks the language of conscience.

He noted that “it is impossible to control its dispersion a virus»And added:

“We are not losing hope. We are still struggling with measures. “I am not happy that everyone is wearing a mask,” he said.

He also said that “we want to avoid that complete closure “with the consequences of this, but we can not enter into everyone’s personal choice.”

“We are watching with sadness the dispersion growing and the health system being put under pressure, especially in northern Greece, and we say that all this will reach in the coming months, because we will also have respiratory viruses,” he continued.

The professor said the experts were waiting to make matters worse in the second wave of the pandemic.

Mr. Ciodras sent the message that “it is a time of awareness, the question of responsibility is tedious. “It’s time for hearts to speak.”

He also discovered that is considered by the committee of the Ministry of Health underground railway for travel ban from prefecture to prefecture.

The appeal to the youth

Addressed to young people, Fr. Sotiris Ciodras He pointed out: “Things are obviously worse and we expected that. There is no immunity in the population. Is it time for responsibility? “I would rather say that it is a time of conscience and the choice of freedom is that at this point we will do this to move forward.”

He continued in a dramatic tone: “Unfortunately, our individual freedoms are being violated by these measures, but at the moment the mask is the only choice we have. I personally went to a restaurant in February. “It’s the only option I have, so I don’t pass the coronavirus to anyone.”

About the vaccine

He also talked about the vaccine against Covid 19, saying that there are optimistic messages about Oxford vaccine, which works for all ages. Hope, he said, exists from USA and from Russia.

For the masks

Mr Ciodras went on to say that “we can not stand it indifferent to the spread of the virus. We as scientists are here, trying to continue this with as little restriction as possible. “The mask is our only choice in this.”

He, as he said, has been going to a restaurant since February. “E. unique choice that I have in order to do not transmit coronavirus to anyone. “If I had to go or if I wanted to, when I talked to him, I would not take off the mask, I would just take it off to eat.

He also admitted that he is suffocating conditions in MMM.

“Try to avoid overcrowding, wear the mask properly,” he said.

He added that proper use of the mask, especially in public transport, hand washing, which does not transmit the eye virus, and avoiding discoloration should be everyday life us from now on “The virus does not respect anyone, it has no borders, it will spread – if anyone has it, they will spread it. When we impose behavior on ourselves, we apply it more easily. “, stressed Mr. Ciodras.

We must all make sacrifices

The infectious disease specialist referred to the importance of follow-up. “A huge effort is being made to follow the cases, the more people we find in the new cases, the more we will be able to control the epidemic,” he said.

“I did not come here to talk to you about fear,” he continued. Ciodras but let me tell you about freedom. “I am not a teacher or a professor, but a student and I am learning about the pandemic with you.”

“I work 19 hours a day and I do not say that to be proud, I say that because we all have to make sacrifices. “Sacrifice like the one made by our ancestors,” he concluded.

“Brutal blockade of the option”

Asked about a possible blockade of Attica, Sotiris Tsiodras said that “the colors of the map are being examined by a team of epidemiologists and we are talking for each area, how many active cases there are, if the health system is under pressure, etc. and based on this discussion we decide if there will be a change in status. Measures are not a cure. We evaluate them constantly. “In some areas they work easier.”

Explain how complete closure that is last measure which the government is considering and has pointed out to be so brutal choice.

As he said, in the first phase of the pandemic “we did it because we knew nothing. It is a virus in which we have no immunity and we have never had so many people in intensive care in September or October. The world groans»

Majorkinis: Exponential increase of cases at the gates

Taking the floor, EKPA Professor of Epidemiology Gikas Majorkinis said that from 1,259 cases, 295 located in Attica на 291 in Thessaloniki, 75 in the Rhodope region, 55 in the Serres region and 47 in the Larissa region. He stressed that it exists exponential increase in cases earlier gates.

In red alarm Serres and Ioannina

The Undersecretary of Civil Protection in turn announced that Ceres and Inaanina go to level 4, that is, it is on a red alarm.

Together, Naxos and Rodopi from level 2 go to 3.

THEY Drama also climbs to level 2.

Finally, Amorgas due to a complete lack of cases, he descends to the first, green level, from level 2 where he was.

Accordingly, Mr. Hardalias said that condition in Larissa and Thessaloniki e marginal.

“The measures taken are paying off. “Our determination and perseverance are essential,” he said.

For October 28th

The Deputy Minister of Civil Protection stressed that the praise and laying of wreaths are done in accordance with the measures.

“Scenes and situations coloring must to be avoided. It is a time of responsibility. The more that Church it is in first line of the fight “, he stressed, until he failed to send strict messages to those who do not respect the measures.

At the same time, he sent his wishes for our national holiday:

“Happy birthday, good strength to all, our flags are always high.

The numbers are staggering – 1,259 cases, 102 intubated

Published by EODY 1259 news epidemics of the new virus in the country, of which 112 associated with known basins and 62 were found after checks at the gates of the country. The total number of cases is 32752, of which 55.5% men.

3950 (12.1%) are considered related to travel abroad and 12381 (37.8%) are related to an already known case.

102 Our fellow citizens are treated with intubation. Their average age is 65 years. 33 (32.4%) are women, and the rest are men. 96.1% of intubation patients have an underlying disease or are 70 years of age or older. 277 patients are discharged from the ICU.

Finally, we have 12 however recorded deaths and 593 deaths in the country as a whole. 225 (37.9%) women, and the rest men. The average age of our fellow citizens who died was 79 years and 96.1% had some underlying disease and / or age 70 years and older.

Where the cases are located

In more detail:
– 62 cases during the checks performed at the entrance gates of the country

–4 imported cases that came voluntarily for control

295 cases in the region Attica , of which 15 report contact with a confirmed case

291 cases in P.E. Thessaloniki, of which 14 are related to known basins, while 10 report contact with a confirmed case

–4 cases in P.E. Etoloakarnania

– 3 cases in P.E. In Arcadia

–2 cases in P.E. Arta

–18 cases in P.E. Achaia, 2 of which are associated with known basins

–4 cases in P.E. Βοιωτίας

–1 case in P.E. Grevena

–18 cases in P.E. Drama

–20 cases in P.E. Euros

–7 cases in P.E. To Evia

–8 cases in P.E. Elijah, 1 of which is related to the famous plum

–13 cases in P.E. Imatia, 3 of which are related to the famous plum

–7 cases in P.E. Heraklion

–4 cases in P.E. Thesprotia

21 cases in P.E. Ioannina, 4 of which are related to known basins

–12 cases in P.E. Kavala

–9 cases in P.E. Cardica, 1 of which is associated with the famous plum

–2 cases in P.E. Castor

–12 cases in P.E. Corfu, 7 of which are associated with the famous plum

–11 cases in P.E. Кукуш

–12 cases in P.E. Leather

–5 cases in P.E. Corinth

–1 case in P.E. Kos

47 cases in P.E. From Larissa, of which 14 are related to known basins, while 8 report contact with a confirmed case

–6 cases in P.E. Lesvos

–8 cases in P.E. Magnesia

–7 cases in P.E. At Messinia

–6 cases in P.E. Naxos

–15 cases in P.E. Xanthi

–20 cases in P.E. Pella

–7 cases in P.E. Pieria

73 cases in P.E. Rodopi, 13 of which are related to known basins, while 6 report contact with a confirmed case

–9 cases in P.E. Rhodes

–55 cases in P.E. Serres, 26 of which come from random sampling of EODY, while 1 is associated with a known plum

–3 cases in P.E. Sporades, of which 1 is related to the famous plum

–19 cases in P.E. Trikala

–5 cases in P.E. Phytoid

–2 cases in P.E. Florina

–22 cases in P.E. In Halkidiki

–5 cases in Chania Prefecture

61 cases in P.E. Chios, of which 51 are related to a basin in Chios KJT

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