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Brexit: The full text of the Retirement in the House

What is provided in the 110 pages of text – Urgent action to achieve the exit goal on October 31

The government presented the full text of the draft law on the Withdrawal Agreement to the House, announcing in advance that it intends to complete all three stages of its debate and voting by Thursday, after which it will then go through the House of Lords for approval.

The bill – in its 110 pages – outlines how the government intends to implement the agreement on Brexit. This includes, among other things, provisions for the protection of workers' rights, such as the "non-deterioration principle", as well as the commitment that parliament should vote by vote on the government's negotiating mandate on the future relationship with the EU and the EU. type of final trade agreement. It also includes a provision allowing the prime minister to ratify his Brexit agreement in a timely manner so that the United Kingdom does not leave without an agreement on 31 October.

To ratify an international agreement, such as the Brexit agreement, relevant legislation requires parliament to meet for 21 days, but in order to comply with the government's timetable, another provision has been added to the bill that suspends existing legislation.

According to government affairs chief Jacob Reese Mogh, the bill will attempt to be completed at all stages in the House of Commons until Thursday, with a second reading tomorrow.

The shadow secretary for Brexit, Labor MP Keir Starmmer, accused the government of trying to prevent MPs from properly controlling the bill and described it as outrageous that there was not enough time to discuss such important legislation. Other opposition parties have also argued that the government is trying to hurry to complete the process.

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