Sunday , October 24 2021

BATE RAYS, Chelsea goals


For the 12th group, which is also PAOK, BATE had three races, but Chelsea won thanks to Zirou – Greater victories for Lazio (2: 1 in Marseille), Spartak Moscow (4-3 Rangers)

Chelsea also formally secured the "32" qualification, winning 1-0 over Belarus in BATE. Zirou achieved the only goal in this match, and Sari began to attack even Azar.

The rhythm was very good in the match, with the hosts showing a good face and having a stake in every half. The first from Baga in 11 & # 39; and the second from Dragun with the score 0-1. The ball, however, did not make a fortune, and Zirou with a nice head gave Chelsea's lead in the 52nd minute. Moments later, BATE reached the balance breath of Rios and pushed to the end, but no effect.

BATE (Alexei Baga): Serbitschi, Filipenko, Filipovic, Rios, Savic (76 & # 39; Mukham), Volkov, Dragun, Baga, Kleb (81 & # 39; Berezikin), Sjegniewicz
Chelsea (Maurizio Sari): Kepa, Emerson, Keichil, Kristenen, Tzapakosta, Zorsinio, Loftu-Tsik (64 & # 39; Kovacs), Birkley, Azar (62 & # 39;


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