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14 passengers were injured in the turbulence

Terror Flight to Spain: 14 passengers injured in turbulence

Fourteen people received first aid in Madrid after their aircraft, owned by Spanish charter company Evelop, fell into serious turmoil during a flight from Mauritius, a company official said today. to be named.

Airbus A330-343 landed safely at Madrid's Barajas Airport last night, after a 15-second incident, over Ethiopia.

Three crew members are among the injured. According to a source from the company, 11 passengers ignored the sign to wear their seat belt before the aircraft crashed.

El Mundo newspaper quoted a passenger as saying today that during the turbulence, many people "slammed into the roof of the plane, flying in the air, just as we see in the movies".

"We thought we were going to die," he told El Mundo, adding that as soon as the plane landed, the passengers clapped and hugged.

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