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WhatsApp News news: Delete data on November 12th! SO, protect your data on time


WhatsApp will change your backup settings from mid-November
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Whatsapp users note! In mid-November, the messenger service will adjust the setting. Android users should therefore check the time of the last backup in the chat. How it announces WhatsApp on the FAQ pageFrom November 12, 2018. All backups older than one year will be automatically deleted from the domain Google– The Disk Cloud has been removed. Photos, videos and chat stories disappear, and then they never come back.

WhatsApp deletes user data 12/11/2018 – Save your photos and videos

To avoid losing your copy, WhatsApp recommends that you manually back up your data before November 12, 2018. It works in the following way: In WhatsApp, open the settings and click "Chat" under "Chat". He tells you how long the last backup lasted. If the date is more than a year ago, click the green "Save" button to create a new backup in Google Drive. To stop doing this manually in the future, you can also activate different time periods. Then the backup will be created in the future.

WhatsApp deletes old data from Google Drive

You can also create a backup without Google Drive. To perform a local backup, disable "Backup" from "Never" backup to Google Cloud.

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