Thursday , September 24 2020

What are the best Android apps? Vote now for Google Play rewards


Although not many of the best apps in Germany can be found in the apps category, the nominated games are particularly exciting this year. Mobile games are more successful than ever and this is reflected in the download numbers this year.

This year has had three of the best launches, not surprisingly in the nominated games. By Harry Potter: The Wizard of Wizard, the intriguing world of magic that has captivated millions of fans for years, is linked to Pokémon Go's AR concept. Despite its promising start, the game could not be based on its success, but it has a large and enthusiastic community a few months after launch.
Records have been re-set by Mario Mario Tour, which won the title of Nintendo's most successful smartphone game with 124 million downloads in the first month. In addition, it is now the most successful title in the series by customer numbers, with all other titles totaling 100 million sales so far.
But the best start of all time was Call of Duty Mobile. The popular franchise's smart phone franchise saw 140 million downloads in the first month of October alone – and Pokémon is gone. Fans praise the mobile implementation of the series, which combines aspects of Black Ops and Modern Warfare.

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