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Werder Bremen: Theodore Greb Selassie Remains Bremer – All Information!

Bremen – It's perfect! Theodore Greb Selassi, 32, will stay at Werder Bremen outside the current season. The Czech right-back has extended the summer contract expiring.

The club confirmed on Wednesday morning. According to the information of embankment office the remains Gebre Selassie at least one more season Werder Bremen, “Theo has been an important part of the band for years. With his experience, he is an important factor for the team's cohesion and success, not only on the field but also in the cab. "Sports Director Frank Bauman explains in a club statement.

Werder Bremen: 2012's Gebre Selassie in Wesser

2012 has come, at the earliest in 2021, it will go – very likely to change Gebre Selassie then straight out of football retirement. At 33, it would not be unusual. "It's a health issue. I don't want to stop playing football until my body is broken, "Gebre Selassie told Dike's house a few weeks ago.

In the interview, he has already hinted that he will continue for Werder out of the summer: "I like the club, I love the city and I love the people in Bremen. And if I like something in life, then I don't just exchange it. If all goes well, why change something? “

Werder Bremen: Theodore Greb Sells is Mr. Sure

He doesn't.Theodore Gebre Selassie it stays, there is a contract for the fourth time Werder Bremen signed and now faces further challenges. Since moving from Slovan Liberec to Bremen in 2012, Gebre Selassie has played 239 matches in green and white, scoring 19 goals. He was never hurt again and was always regular. Competitors came and went, but Chech always prevailed. Since coach Florian Kochfeld brought the decisions to Werder, Gebray Sellassi is absolutely in place. Recently, he has proved surprisingly versatile as he has had to help out as a central defender from match three to six. The role that Kofeld trusts for the future. For a future that will last until 2022.

"I very much value Theo, both as a player and as a person. He is an absolute player on the team and puts himself fully in the service of the team, which has only proven itself again during the current season. "I am very happy that he will continue to be part of our team in the future." (CSA)

Note: In an earlier version of the message, DeichStube announced a two-year contract.

More news about Werder Bremen

Werder Bremen will stay in six games to save the first half and stay away from the relegation battle. This is a plan for the winter break.

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Gebre Selassie stays with Werder for longer

On Wednesday afternoon, Theodore Greb Selassie in Westerstadion asks reporters questions. And that should go first and foremost with his deal to extend Werder Bremen.

The 32-year-old's contract expires at the end of the season. Both sides have repeatedly stated that they want to continue the cooperation beyond. Now Czech and Werder Bremen well arranged. The right back will stay in Bremen for at least another season, maybe even longer.

Gebra Selasi moved from Slovan Liberec to Vesser in 2012 – a transfer fee of 1.8m euros. He has about Werder Bremen He played 220 matches in the Bundesliga and scored 19 goals. He ended his career at the Czech Republic in Werder doing Gebre Selassie on the other hand, and thus remains a perennial favorite on the right defense. So far no competitor has really been able to deny him a regular spot. Neither Michael Lang, who by the end of the season Borussia Monchengladbach Borrowed It remains exciting what happens next with the 28-year-old Swiss. (STO)

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