Tuesday , September 22 2020

Werder Bremen, 74-year-old world champion Heath: Everyone falls apart


DThe sign on his door is unusual. Just one capital letter. Thick "W" stands for Werder. The initial name of the famous rhombus club serves as a special mark. Forrest-Dieter Fitts wanted it that way. "If my father hears the name of Werder," says Renee Fitges, the younger son of the Bremen hero, "then my eyes will blink." Even now, in difficult times.

For weeks now, a nursing home in the suburbs of Bremen has been the new home of Jots. He was admitted at the end of September after falling badly. Unfortunately for his slowly progressing illness. "A drunken career for more than three decades," says Uli Borovka, sooner or later noticeable. Borovka knows what she's talking about.

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