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Weather chaos in the Alps: “The heaviest snowfall in recent years” – the situation on the site is deteriorating

“The heaviest snowfall in years” is turning towards the Alps. Some places in Tyrol and Italy are already sinking under a thick blanket of snow.

  • Winter begins on a weekend in the Alps.
  • Heavy snow presents challenging locals.
  • It also snows in Germany. The weather at the weekend at a glance.

Updated December 6, 9:52 p.m.: In Prägraten in Grosvenediger (Tyrol) collapsed around 6.30pm on Saturday avalanche. Snowfall hit the town of Hinterbihl (1,329 meters). According to police, four houses and one vehicle were damaged, no one was injured. The sheepfold and inn were covered with snow. About 100 residents had to be evacuated.

Snowfall in the Alps: Danger of avalanches – the situation continues to deteriorate

On The danger of avalanches is still very high. Fresh snow and wind create an “dangerous avalanche situation”. The avalanche warning service is on Sunday highest level of warning 5 proclaimed East Tyrol. “Spontaneous avalanche activity is increasing,” the current avalanche report said. On steep grass slopes below 2,600 meters, the service warns of “very large slippery snow avalanches”. To 110 cm of fresh snow and locally it may fall even more on Sunday. Up to 140 centimeters of snow has already fallen in some areas. It is snowing in Carinthia, as shown by a video on Twitter by Groglokner of Heiligenblut.

Updated December 6, 8:17 p.m.: Meter-high snow, roadblocks and power lines destroyed – in Carinthia and Tyrol, a lot of fresh snow fell in just a few hours than it had been for years.

The situation is deteriorating in some places dramatic to, warns the Austrian Central Institute of Meteorology and Geodynamics (ZAMAG) on Sunday. At Main ridge of the Tyrolean Alps as in Ostyrol and Oberkerten On Sunday it snows and it rains a lot. Rainfall here barely pauses.

“Due to the extreme quantities, the highest level of warning still applies!, according to ZAMAG. Therefore, precipitation can be expected from Vorarlberg to Upper Styria and Lower Carinthia.

On Snow line is from 1500 to 1800 meters above sea level, according to the Austrian Meteorological Service, often quite high. Only in areas with heavy rainfall can snow fall below 1000 meters. The “red alert” is currently due to snow in Carinthia, East Tyrol, Tyrol and Salzburg.

About 50 centimeters of fresh snow fell on Brenner overnight on Sunday. Larger avalanches appeared in South Tyrol on Saturday night. The trees fell on the power lines. In South Tyrol, the fire brigade said it had to process 500 missions and “there is no end in sight”.

Weather chaos in the Alps: “The heaviest snowfall in recent years” – the situation on the site is deteriorating

Updated December 5, 6:22 p.m.: Parts of Switzerland, Austria and The Italians sinks already on Saturday under one meter high Snow cover. And it should continue to snow until Monday. By the end of the weekend, up to four meters of fresh snow can be reached. Nothing is working in many regions right now. Links with links are interrupted and Streets blocked. Also about Brenner winter services struggle with Masses of snowreported In addition, it increases almost every hour Avalanche risk. It is currently snowing most productively Ostyrol. There, more and more places are sinking under a white blanket.

On South of Germany is currently spared such amounts of snow. It often occurs at lower altitudes Swallow or frozen rain. Therefore, meteorologists advise to drive carefully in the coming days. Roads can become slippery, especially when the temperature is around freezing.

Weather: Snow and storm in southern Germany

Updated December 5, 12:08 pm: Especially in South of Germany the weather as it pleases For now, alpine weather has surprised with rising temperatures. One Hurricane Foen in the Alps, temperatures in the south have risen. On Saturday, however, it will be colder and he will leave snow do not wait long

There is an official for the capital of Bavaria, Munich Warning from the German Meteorological Service before easy Snowfall before. It states: “During the warning period, there is light snowfall with many in between 1 cm and 5 cm на. Amounts up to 10 cm are achieved in stuck positions. Is spreading smooth. The warning is still valid until six o’clock on Sunday. Come to the southeast and the Alps Squalls and black ice added.

Weather in Germany: Heavy snowfall is expected in the Alps

Updated December 5, 9:39 am: The weekend starts in most of Germany winter and cloudy with maximum values ​​of 10 degrees in Upper Lusia, otherwise From 1 to 7 degrees, and in Bergland to 0 City. While he was in the mountains constant snow and wet snow falls from the sky in southern Germany, more likely elsewhere cloudy and rainy. But there is still some sun: especially in eastern Bavarian and eastern low mountain massif as well as completely in west stay dry.

On mountains in the meantime they are getting whiter and whiter. In the Alps a heavy snow chaos as expected. Up to two meters of fresh snow is expected in the southern Alps. The Austrian and Swiss Alps are particularly hard hit, but Germany is also gaining something snow In the southern lowlands, DWD also expects icy rain and local rain on Saturday Ice formation. Spatial distribution of freezing precipitation and the amount of Snow line is still uncertain.

Germany is also getting something out of the Swiss snow chaos

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Towards Sunday it loosens east and west then move on. In a north-south lane, however, they still stretch Clouds through that for regional rain and in Mountain snow to take care of. At a lower level than +3 to -3 degrees, there is a risk of frost in many places. Around Monday, rainfall in the south and the alpine region gradually subsided.

Weather chaos in the Alps: “The heaviest snowfall in recent years” – also consequences for Germany

(First report) Munich – In the first days of December there were in some parts of Germany Fresh snow. While white is a thing of the past in many places, it stays in the mountains – and how. In The Alps threatens real at the weekend Snow chaos. “The heaviest snowfalls in recent years are appearing The Alps zu “, explains Jan Schenk, meteorologist in the” Time Channel “.

Alpine weather: Heavy snow forecast – up to four meters of fresh snow

One that comes from the Mediterranean Deep down sits from Friday at The Alps firmly and wears it Beginning of winter with himself. Result: Heavy snowfall, especially south of the mountain range. From the Italian Alps to the Tauern Mountains in Austria’s Central Alps, there is up to three feet[3 m]of fresh snow. If the snow cover can be maintained, there is a risk of up to four meters during the week.

On Monday, the snow cover in the Alps can be up to four meters.

© Time channel screenshot.

Weather in the Alps: worries about days of chaos – snow drifts possible

The locals are already intensively preparing for the weekend and expecting unpleasant hours. There are already numerous over the southern alpine region Warnings for severe weather active It is feared that some places may be cut off from the outside world and that roofs may collapse due to heavy snowfall.

In addition, there is a risk that some important alpine crossings, such as this one, will be blocked Brenner, so that transalpine alpine traffic will face problems. On snow sometimes it can turn into rain, making it very heavy very quickly. An additional enemy storm also provides a meter of snow drifts.

Time: Chaos in the Alps affects Germany as well

A clear start to winter in The Alps also has an impact on the weather in the Federal Republic. There is snowfall all over the country at the end of the weekend. But it can not take place everywhere. in north probably not on Monday morning snow more, but there is a risk of slipperiness. in west, на Low mountain massifs and especially on south it seems to remain white though. In Southern Germany snow cover of 20 to 30 cm is possible.

So, for now, it will stay cold in Germany. Maximum values ​​come from northern Germany at the beginning of the week. Ten degrees in Rostock or eight in Kiel Fjord. In the rest of the country, temperatures remain slightly above freezing. Three degrees in Munich, Stuttgart or Frankfurt I promise frozen times. (as)

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