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We remember Edeka because of a health hazard! Recall a popular potato product


Recall at Edeka: The supermarket warns of a possible stifling of a popular product. May contain foreign plastic bodies.

  • The potato salad is reminiscent of Edeka's own brand
  • Individual packages may contain colorless plastic parts
  • Customers get a redemption price even without a refund

Hamburg – Many Edeka customers, he tastes, are always cheap – a potato salad from the Edeka house brand. But it is now being warned of popular mug food. Individual portions may contain substances not seen in the potato salad and may not be included there.

Füngers Feinkost GmbH & Co. KG recalls the hearty potato salad from Edeka & Marktkauf's own assortment of branded products. As a reason, the company specifies preventive consumer protection. "It can not be excluded that the colorless plastic items are contained in individual packages," read a statement sent to

Recall the popular potato salad: This product is under the influence

For such individual packages, this product must be checked: "Potato Salad with Smoked Panties" branded "GUT & GONSTIG" branded in a 400 g glass and with only the best pre-date printed on the margin of the lid (MDF) ) 06.11.19. In which countries or branches this potato salad is in circulation is not known.

Invisible danger in the potato salad: suffocation

The invisible danger of these Edeca potato salads should not be underestimated: Depending on the size and condition, plastic foreign bodies can cause breathing as well as the risk of ingestion. Thus, Erstickungsgefahr can never be completely excluded, transmits

As a precaution, the company removed the salads from the sale. Customers who have purchased the product can return the potato salad and return the purchase price – even without confirmation.

Not only is the potato salad in Edeka affected by the retreat: meatballs from Reeve, walnuts from Norma and sausages from Aldi should also be treated with caution. The discovery of a dog owner in Aldi's food for her pet animal recently sparked excitement.

The dairy now warns of a production failure. Since health care cannot be ruled out, it is now recalled.

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