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Verona Put aboard: Bikini subject to gun license – "Watt for bullet"

Verona Put has posted a photo of herself in a bikini with a gun license. Fan reactions should be happy.

Update on November 3, 2019: Verona Put appears on Instagram and often in tight dresses or bikinis. Sure, the 51-year-old looks like head to head. But at least in terms of bikini photos the new standards have now been announced. The touch of the fabric in which she poses on the boat is very spectacular. Beneath the neck, it sets the size of the bust in the scene and is as cut as below. Add to that the eye-catching rings. Diagnosis: Weapons license required!

This is how their fans see it. "Very cool bikini", "Madness", "Bless you nice little dream. Body as painted "and" Watt for bullet ", loud reactions.

One follower rehearses a rather strange compliment: "I'll give you 7 stars just like the Abu Dhabi hotel is no better."

There are even some ecstatic reactions to Sell – such as TV stars Angela Brown and Ennifer Knob.

The outfit of Helen Fisher in the ARD live show was also amazing.

Verona Pot presents herself as a "Puss in Boots" – the fans go crazy

Our article from October 29, 2019:

Munich – Again and again Verona Pot delights her fans with great photos of herself. Now she's presented herself in a pretty thought-provoking Instagram post – again! Her fans are very excited.

"Puss in Boots! Meu, "Verona Put writes about the hot picture she posted on Instagram. You can see the advertising icon in gold boots up to the knee and with a golden glittering blouse. Tight black shorts (or is it an extremely short mini skirt?) Bring Verona Put's long legs to advantage. Your fans are thankful for the 51-year-old hot post with lots of enthusiastic comments.

Verona Pot as a "cat in boots" – fans are thrilled

In Puss in Boots, many followers simply respond with a simple "Miauuuu". Elsewhere it is required to increase the "meow": "instead of meow … wow!". Also "hot" is not read only once in the comments. "Great looking, Verona" and "Cute Beauty" are other examples of followers' positive reactions. One fan commented on Verona Point's announcement with the words: “Blessed, beautiful! Oh, you're just great! ”.

The fans of Verona Put's hot boots, stuck with long legs, were particularly impressed by the fans: "How sexy a sugar bunny! Great sexy long legs! "Writes a follower. And another fan reveals: “You look so shameless with your shoes. Wear them more often! And another comment simply says 'horny boots, horny pants'. A fan is of the opinion that Verona Put looks "always tiptoe" and wishes, "I wish I had the same boots …" And the follower thinks it's just "gorgeous, your outfit!"

With hot photography, the advertising icon is not the first to spark a discussion about her legs that Verona Putt wants to strip. But as positive as regards their current post, reactions do not always fall. So, Verona Pot was quite provocative and attracted a lot of criticism.

Verona Putut in a provocative post – fans can hardly keep up

Verona Put's thematic photography seems to encourage one or the other to acknowledge their love for the advertising icon. One fan writes: “I love you sweetheart. Sexy photos! "Another goes further and finds more words to express his love for Verona Pot:" Awesome! I wish you, my greatest love, a wonderful weekend. My love for you is infinite! “

With her provocative look, Verona Pot seems to have done the right thing. Because even the comment "You can sometimes, decent"? To the follower, it does not have to be understood as criticism.

Verona Put also showed off her long legs on the Sat1 breakfast TV – which her fans really liked.

Video: Verona Put puts the fans in a mini dress

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