Tuesday , June 22 2021

TV: Far. The history of the road around the world

A couple on a journey that once led around the world: Patrick Allgaier and Gwendolin Weisser did it. Three years later, after more than 100,000 kilometers, they returned in third place. The result was a moving documentary.

Patrick Allgaier and Gwendolin Weisser are standing on the street in the center of Kyrgyzstan. There was no car for many hours. And if one more thing comes – who guarantees that the driver will take them with him?

These are situations in which we would prefer not to trade with two travelers. Even if you previously thought you were a spectator: A trip around the world? Sounds fantastic!

Only to read about distant countries or to learn something about them from the news – that's what Patrick Allgaier and Gwendolin Weisser no longer wanted. They wanted to know these countries. "Of course I know an elephant," says Gwendolin at the beginning of the film. "I know exactly what an elephant is – and I do not know." Because only when you exchange fantasy with experience, you really know it.

To get the most authentic experience, the couple does not always choose the easiest route. They both describe this in their documentary "Weit. A Story about the Path Around the World", which was already a hit of cinema last year and is now the premiere on TV: 3sat shows it on Monday (November 19) at 20:15.

From Freiburg, two go east and then return from the west. They do not want to board the plane. And they do not want to spend a lot of money, just a few euros a day. So they travel by hitchhiking and usually sleep in a tent.

The film is the beginning of the anniversary week in 3sat. Because the station has been showing German-language documentary films once a week for 25 years. On this occasion, the station increases the number of documentary films from 19 to 23 November to three for the evening.

The colorful and hearty movie "Weit" is a good introduction to the anniversary week. Patrick Allgaier and Gwendolin Weisser record their experiences on the road even with a mobile phone camera. The recordings were originally intended only as a reminder and for friends and families at home. In the end, it became a documentary film, which, according to two filmmakers, has been watched by over 350,000 viewers so far.

For Patrick Allgaier and Gwendolin Weisser, the trip lasted three years. "This is not a journey, but the stage of life in which we travel," explains Gwendolin in the film. On the way, surprises again, large and small. Bruno is one of the largest. He is the son of two travelers in the world, they both stay in Mexico.

They do not show their son immediately. First you can hear the child crying. Bruno has a few months in the next scene. Self-actor, these two are not. They do not boast about experiences. They say rather quietly what they experienced: that the world – even if it often appears differently in the news – has a lot of helpful friendly people.

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