Wednesday , June 16 2021

"Today I earn about a million euros" | ONLINE TIME

Candidate for a CDU chair, Friedrich Merz, revealed his income for the first time in a press interview. "Today, I earn about a million euros gross," he said Picture on Sunday, Merz responded to the criticism of his statement that he counted in the "upper middle class": "For me, the social center is not purely economic
Size. I received values ​​from my parents
Characterized by hard work, discipline, decorum, respect and
knowledge that you give something to society when you look at it
can afford. "

To reject himself as part of a higher class, Merz refused: "When I hear a" higher class "or a" higher class ", I think about people who have a lot of money or a company
they inherited and enjoy life. It was not me
Case. "

Details of his income as the supervisory board of several companies and consultants
Mayer Brown did not mention Merza. loud Picture on Sunday However, it comes from annual reports
It turned out that Merz alone in the management of Blackrock assets last at least 125,000
Earned euros per year. In addition, according to the newspaper, EUR 80,000 in the Wepa farm, EUR 75,000 in the HSBC bank
Trinkhaus and 14,000 euros at the operating company at Cologne / Bonn airport.

"I started with a reasonable income"

Merz said in an interview: "You and my wife were students when we got married and we had our first child, and we had to change every character," he said. "I started with a reasonable income for a family with two children in an internship in Saarbrücken."

In addition to Merza, Secretary General Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer and Health Minister Jens Spahn also apply for the promotion of Angela Merkel at the head of the CDU. In an anonymous survey commissioned by Picture on Sunday Merz overtook Kramp-Karrenbauer among the interlocutors with 49% consent, which amounted to 32%. Spahn would therefore only give seven percent of the vote.

In a survey on the German ARD trend among CDU supporters, 46 percent have recently voted for Kramp-Karrenbauer, 31 percent for Merza and 12 percent for Spahna.

Kramp-Karrenbauer announced that he would renounce the function of the Secretary General in the event of her defeat. She will volunteer for the party, said Kramp-Karrenbauer from SWR. This is not blackmail before the election, but the commandment of honesty "only to the one who is elected to this office, full freedom to create his team".

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