Tuesday , February 25 2020
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The rockers beat each other in a murder trial in court

A brawl broke out in Cologne's district court on the eve of a rocket-mortar lawsuit. Two co-plaintiffs and one of the three defendants clashed in the courtroom Thursday. Stormy scenes were to come.

Several members of the rock band filed a fight Thursday in Cologne District Court. According to police on Friday, the 33-year-old defendant was shot in the head and taken to hospital by ambulance for further investigation. The procedure was postponed.

How the dispute came at first was unclear. After the riots broke out, the alarm went off to the guard. Court guards ran down the corridors to the hall and stood for peace.

Indictment for murder

In the trial, two men are charged with murder, the third, a 33-year-old defendant, for aiding and abetting. The defendants allegedly links to rock band Hells Angels, said to have been involved in shooting a man at a bar in Cologne a year ago.

Prosecutors believe the act was an act of revenge for an earlier rendezvous of angels in hell. Co-plaintiffs involved in the fight are said to be brothers in the attack.

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