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The past, present and future of Diablo (via Kotaku)

What's really going on with Diablo? What happened to the long-term plans for Diablo 3? Has Diablo Immortal, developed by the Chinese company NetEase outside Blizzard, an indication that Blizzard has reduced its standards or left its main audience? Is there development of Diablo 4 or Will Blizzard give up mobile phones in the future of computer games? To answer these questions, Kotaku's editors discussed with eleven current and former Blizzard employees who responded anonymously because they were not allowed to talk to the press. The insights provided by a very detailed interview give reason to hope that in a not too distant future we will finally get to know Diablo 4. But they also paint the image of a golf player, spoiled for many years by the Titan "-Phissako strongly struck and made uncertainty.

In September 2014, the message came as a bomb: Blizzard set up after seven years of development, the Titan project, the successor to World of Warcraft, sold Nextgen MMO. According to Blizzard's executive director, Mike Morheim, the team simply wanted too much and was too ambitious. "We did not have fun and we could not develop a passion for the game, so when Titan was again put on the test, we wondered if it was really the game we wanted to do, and the answer was not," Moraim said. at that time. That Blizzard stops projects over and over, if the spark (inside) does not want to jump, is known, but the "Titan", from which the team shooter Overwatch should appear, must have so much time and money to swallow, the stock the company – is overly cautious with the release of new projects. The Titan cards were pricelessly placed on the side by Blizzard after the information was leaked to the public.

The failure of Titan is the reason why there is no information about Diablo 4 so far – the project is probably still not ready to go, as Kotaku taught. It has been in development for some time, but was restarted in 2016 after the departure of Game Director Josh Mokeira. Jakeira and his team designed Hades, a working title for Diablo 4, as a challenging robot in the Gothic style of Dark Souls. Instead of maintaining the isometric corner of the camera of the first three Diablo games, you should use a third-party perspective. From 2014 to 2016, "Hades" was the main project of the so-called Tim 3, which was developed as an addition to some patches and minor updates to Diablo 3. Then the work of "Hades" was terminated prematurely – for Mosqueira finally reason to throw in a towel, because previously it was planned under his guidance for Diablo 3 the second extension. The remnants of this project, such as the Canaan cube and some new zones, were then released free of charge in a few patches.

In the coming months, Blizzard's Team 3 now needs to do two things: the development of the Necromancer DLC to bridge the gap in content and start the work of the Fenris project. Phoenix is, as Kotaku sources confirmed, the current incarnation of Diablo 4. The Twins team is working on this version of the game since 2016, and some who have seen say they are optimistic about the direction. "[Design Director] Louis [Barriga] I have a very strong vision for this game, "said one former employee," one in which many people in "Blic" hope. "Phoenix is ​​still at an early stage of development and is unlikely to be released before 2020 or later. It's almost certain that many of today's team decisions will change over time, including which platforms it should appear, which corner of the camera has, what are the social characteristics, whether it is MMO Functions like instant dungeons get what must look like monetization and so on.

The barbarian, hungry from power, in our news symbolizes what Diablo 4 is currently representing: He jumped, but if and when he is written in the stars. We may know something more than the official site in the near future, so at least we can be sure that Diablo 4 will definitely come. You can read the very informative article written by Kotaku in English here.

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