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That's why you're arguing about a "wedding at first sight" – Cindy and Alex!

Dark clouds rise in the sky of love over Bali! Already a preview of today's wedding transmission suggests at first glance: Alex and Cindy, 31, were flying the tusks during their honeymoon in Indonesia. At the same time, the couple, who made a vow in the debut episode of the TV social experiment, initially seemed so harmonious. But why the mood at a romantic dinner suddenly collapses?

"There was insatiable curiosity and many, many direct questions from my wife to Alex's completely tired and slightly anxious"Alex explained the dense air that prevailed that night with the early lovers. He felt in a corner. "I was by no means angry with her, just tiredness being a bad basis for me to have critical conversations with me," he continued. Cindy said she was contemptuously contemptuous – a situation that her husband described as "dangerous for the flames" and almost escalated.

The following morning discussions continued the night before. "I'm a tired person, a little sleepy, Shetlag, you can be tired," the audience heard 44-year-olds say during the crisis talks. More than a decade younger Cindy was slightly annoyed by Alex's grief: "He's older now and he may have sensibilities, but he was always something: either cold or stomach and I probably just looked funny.", she described the facts from her point of view – this was Autumn, but clearly too colorful: "I have a 31-year-old's physical condition," she defended.

"Wedding at a Glance" every Sunday from 5:30 pm on Sat.

Cindy and Alex during their honeymoon Sat.1Gallery button
Cindy and Alex during their honeymoon at First Sight Wedding

Cindy of Bali's "Wedding at a Glance" candidate
Cindy and Alexander at their weddingCAT.1 / Christoph Asman

Cindy and Alexander at their wedding

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