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Tesla's autopilot treats dogs as pedestrians – and avoids ducks

Even the automated software in Tesla's vehicles now clearly recognizes what animal lovers and people have long known: the dog is man's best friend. Obviously with one of the latest updates the feature has been improved to detect objects in spite of traffic, because as some Tesla drivers report, dogs are now recognized as well. However, the software assigns four friends of the same group as their masters and lovers: pedestrians.

Technology owner Tesla, who reveals his findings on his Twitter profile @greentheonly, shared a short video (and key photo) that visualized the autopilot software's discovery. A passerby carries a dog, also labeled a "pedestrian".

The software version was used here. Although publication notes consistently refer to improvements in object detection, road traffic animals were probably not mentioned.

Twitter user @greentheonly also asked if anyone could walk with their dog in front of their Tesla chair and check out the discovery. Then User @ tags22 responded and confirmed with a photo that his dog in front of the vehicle was recognized in the central view of the car as a pedestrian.

In another, more spectacular, case, Tesla's autopilot software recently saved a collision with a group of ducks crossing the highway. The car broke down the lane just in time. The incident took place in a curve and the visibility of the ducks is limited by the shade of the trees. The driver posted the video of Tesla-Kam on YouTube. which shows a surprising and impressive evasion maneuver. Whether the human driver can respond in a timely manner and whether he will not run over the ducks or land in a ditch can be justified.

Tesla is known for its sometimes original vehicle software ideas. In 2016, for example, the manufacturer introduced a feature that will never allow interior temperature to rise above 40 degrees Celsius in a parked vehicle. This should be kept in the car or children or dogs from possible death.

However, automated software is also due to a fault in the reviews. In a deadly crash involving a computer-controlled Tesla in mid-2016, the software used a trailer to tag a high-traffic sign and did not initiate a braking maneuver. According to the latest Wettbewerbszentrale statements, the promises of autonomous driving with Tesla are going away.

In another case, a Uber self-driving car test vehicle collided in March 2018 in the United States with a female pedestrian who was cycling, illegally crossing a multi-lane, and fatally injuring her. As it has emerged recently, software does not recognize this "jaywalking" behavior of pedestrians. The pedestrian was retrained several times in the seconds before the collision and despite the immediate collision, the software did not initiate braking.


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