Tuesday , September 29 2020

Tesla builds Gigafactor 4 in Berlin


Neither in Saarland, nor in Lower Saxony: Tesla wants to build the first European gigaphorate near Berlin. About 10,000 new jobs are being created.

It has been speculated for months about the construction of Gigafactor 4 in Europe. The location is now fixed, according to Elon Musk during the awards ceremony for the Bild am Sontag and Auto Bild gold steering wheel.

Tesla: Gigafactor 4 in Germany is to be built near BER

According to Musk, the mega plant should be built near the BER airport, which is still under construction. According to Tagesspiegel, the Gigafective 4 should be similar in size to the new Großfabrik 3 in Shanghai, which will spit out 150,000 electric cars a year in its first phase of expansion.

Tesla's boss, Elon Musk, opposes popular belief, not the pioneer of electric cars. (Photo: dpa)

Tesla boss Elon Musk. (Photo: dpa)

No specific location has been announced yet, but Tagesspiegel speculates that Tesla could use a potential industrial site in Grenade in the Oder-Spree district, south-east of Berlin. She was a candidate to build a BMW plant several years ago.

According to recent speculation, the plant is expected to start operating by the end of 2021. The intent is to produce the most important Model 3 currently on the European market, as well as the compact SUV Model Y designed on the basis of it. The batteries will also be manufactured as at Gigafective 1 in Nevada.

First, the batteries and Model Y need to be built there.

As Tagesspiegel continues to report, the project has been prepared for months in secret by the Ministry of Economy. Reportedly, it was only on Tuesday at a meeting in Moscow and Minister of Economic Affairs Yar Steinbach (SPD) sealed in writing.

Gigafactory. (Photo: Tesla)

Tesla's Gigafactor in Nevada. (Photo: Tesla)

Tesla factory near Berlin – design center in the capital

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has already announced the end of June 2018 for the possible construction of a gigafactor in Europe. At the time, he said the German location was the first choice. Last year, Musk thought of a factory on the German-French border.

Ramona Pop, Mayor of Berlin and Senator for Economics, Energy and Business, welcomes Tesla to Berlin:

Elon Musk confirmed at the presentation of Tesla's figures for the third quarter of 2019 that a factory in Europe should be established. At that time, it only said that the location should be announced before the end of the year. In addition to Gigafactor, a design and development center is to be built in the capital.

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