Thursday , February 27 2020
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Tennis: Aleksandar Zverev defends allegations of illegal training

In the middle of the second set of the match against Stefanos Tsipipas: Aleksandar Zverev sits on his bench. His eyes are lowered, his bag is there, and TV footage shows him as the best German tennis player with his right thumb playing anything. Could this be a smartphone to receive instructions for further competition? Hence, this accusation is circulating on social media.

Zverev defended himself after losing 3: 6, 2: 6 to his Greek counterpart on charges of allowing one of his carers to help. "My phone was in the dressing room," Zverev said. "I'm not sure what you saw there, but it couldn't be my cell phone, maybe a water bottle." Mobile phones and communications of any kind are banned during the competitions because they offer the possibility of illegal training. Zverev takes care of his father during the finals of the World Tour.

Zverev misses his defeat against Cicipas early in the semifinals of the elite tournament of the eight-season best. However, in his last championship match, he has Friday against Russia's Daniel Medvedev with a chance to reach the knockout round with a win. If Ficipas wins against Rafael Nadal in the other match against Andre Agassi, he may even have to win a set.

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