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Surprising confession and a tattoo of couples

Emotional debates, goodbye to tears, and a farmer in emotional chaos: In the fifth episode of Bauer Sacht Frau, there were a few surprising twists and turns on the farms.

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As one farmer celebrates reunion with the elected ladies at the start of her farm week and comes to the first approaches, other single men are already making their first decisions – and they are not all that enthusiastic. Best of the fifth episode "Bauer Sacht Frau" at a glance.

Happy ending with a kiss and a shared tattoo

Ostrifey Thomas W. is fascinated by Bianca. But how do you end up with both in the end? Bianca is also very thrilled by Thomas back and forth: "I think he's great as he is." I would like to come back, assures Thomas. The beach chair is about the first kiss of the two lovers. And its new bite even gets under your skin. A common left foot tattoo should be a "link to the future," Bianca explains of their crazy work.

Bianca and Thomas W.: The two are in love, want to meet again after the farm week and now even have a tattoo in common. (Source: TVNOW)Bianca and Thomas W.: The two are in love, want to meet again after the farm week and now even have a tattoo in common. (Source: TVNOW)

Bianca in Tetostudio: She left the floor Bianca in Tattoo: Having the word "Moments" stuck on her ankle, Thomas settled on the upper back. (Source: TVNOW)

Even with Christopher and Jenny there is still harmony at the end of the farm week. But Eneny wants to give it to the farmer still, because women want to be touched: gentle trampling rather than "squealing like a cow" was farmer's day. Christopher calls himself "young and inexperienced." He has been out of touch with a woman for a long time. The patient enenne was therefore just something to him. In the last conversation, even Christopher's tears over the upcoming farewell tears. Aneni can calm her down: "If I can go back, I'll be happy to go back."

While Jürgen enjoys the fact that two women are competing for him, Kerstin and Maggie get annoyed by Draiseykeit's condition. Maggie makes the decision from Jurgen: She has come to her limits and has a feeling that Jurgen tends to Kerstin, she says with tears. She begins her journey home. "Be nice to him," Kerstin finally said. The second was released after saying goodbye. Finally, she has only Jurgen.

An uncertain outcome

Conlie from Alju has Michael after leaving rival Karina, also finally alone. Highly motivated and in a good mood, he starts the new week. When Michael suffers neck and abdominal pain, she introduces him to work and assists Michael Werner's father in stable work. He is impressed by the car painter who grew up on the farm: "I have Connie locked right in my heart, which can help, that's the real thing," he enthusiastically explains. But Michael is not entirely convinced …

Connie with Michael Werner's father: She jumped alone for the ailing farmer. (Source: TVNOW)Connie with Michael Werner's father: She jumped alone for the ailing farmer. (Source: TVNOW)

After sharing a tractor ride, he admits to Connie: Retired Karina doesn't get out of her head. "I want to be honest, it hurts. I need to go back and take time! "Connie is shocked:" It was like slapping in the face! Makes you think, play a little with one. " It doesn't keep her that way, she's safe. "I miss what you don't have," admits Michael to his great-grandmother for coffee and cake. Coney does not give up hope and hopes to find a solution together.

The embarrassing moment you see in the video above in this text.

Pure harmony

Between horse farm owner Burkhardt and candidate Tanjakan couldn't get any better. There is nothing left of Burkard's shyness. The two take care of the horses together, and Burkhard starts a small water fight with the garden hose. "You don't get that kind of woman every day," admires the woman beside him. He thanked him for a strawberry cake.

Jürgen and Kerstin: With them, love goes through the stomach. (Source: TVNOW)Jürgen and Kerstin: With them, love goes through the stomach. (Source: TVNOW)

Cattle rancher Rudy and business student Christina embark on a dangerous adventure at farm start Sunday in Paraguay: Rudy's cattle have to be transported by van to another farm. When driving a restless cattle Rudy impressed as a "real guy", and the farmer can only boast about the candidate: His heart is "totally excited" by Christina.

Successful reunion

Dairy farmer Thomas F. came up with something special for Karina's reception: With fours and a trailer and a decorated plastic cow, she chooses her chosen one from the station. The merger in Berdische Land is appropriately harmonious and Karina appreciates the "sweet" gesture. In the yard, they feed on the common calf and, for the first time, a closer hug.

Kai has long been able to do what Thomas can do: the Hesse farmer collects Jilin in a decorated combine, causing a sensation in the village. “No one did it for me! I feel like a queen, ”Gilline is already in. Immediately there is another surprise: On the ground, they will come out with sparkling wine for the common week and hopefully many more surprises.

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