Thursday , October 1 2020

Stephanie Gisinger: Bold Underwater Photography – "Perfect Body"


After her topless photography, model Stephanie Gisinger went a step further when it came to free movement and published bold underwater photography as an unnoticed bathing beauty.

  • model Stephanie Gisinger (23) adds other work on free movement
  • The first one the winner GNTM presented himself on Instagram completely unnoticed under the water in the city of Neoclon
  • Followers of 23-year-olds are enthusiastic about painting as unnoticed bathing

Cologne – you just can't leave it: after Stephanie Gisinger (23) their fans just days ago with a Topless Photo On Instagram, she is now even bolder.

Splitter strand ***: Stephanie Gisinger publishes bold underwater photos

On Instagram he has the winner of the ninth season of Heidi Clums Casting Broadcast »Germany's next top model"Posted image of a 23-year-old girl fully discovered while diving. Bold underwater photography was in the city bath of Neoclon in the context of a photo sessions shot with photographer Linda Bowes as well Giesing reveals. In plain and dark photography, the model hovers like a Badenixe through the dark water and presents above all its shortcomings.

Stephanie Gisinger's followers are amazed at the Hellenos-Badafoto

Your round 3.7 million followers are excited as expected. "The most beautiful scoop in the world," says a user. "Mega", "Hammer" or "Wow Stefi is so amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!!" read in countless comments. Many feel at home Giesingers The view is reminiscent of a mermaid. The recording already had more than 33,000 likes (As of November 12, 3:30 pm) when he was not on the Internet for an hour.

Stephanie Gisinger: Not for the first time without a shell on Instagram

on model is for his revealing photos on Instagram now known. Apparently, the 23-year-old girl wants to provoke bold poses, recently as Stephanie Gisinger poses extremely wide in front of the camera. Silent photos are no longer a rarity for Stephanie Gisinger as you scroll through her Instagram profile.

Stephanie Gisinger Entdeckerin Heidi Klum is in no way inferior to the young model in terms of freedom of movement. The 46-year-old also wants to show off a lot of skin on Instagram. Klum is now on television presenting her new show "The Queen of Dragons".


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