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Square Enix: Final Fantasy 14 receives solo content and special magicians

On November 16, 2018 Square Enix presented its third version of the Final Fantasy 14 online game at the Las Vegas Fan Festival. The allowance should appear in the beginning of the summer of 2019. Under the title "shadow hunter". Increases the achievable maximum level from 70 to 80 and offers new competitions, regions and opponents. There are also two other environments: a large forest, and a fairly sandy mountain and valley region with castles.

Labor market

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In the case of the combat system, several important changes are planned, including a summary of MP and TP, which should facilitate beginner beginners. In the event of clashes that will come in Shadowbringers in the expected nine dungeons, at least one rally is planned for a maximum of 24 participants.

Unusual online RPG game: the caves can handle players on their own and hire computer assisted helpers. The whole thing subtly reminds the system of "trust" from Final Fantasy 11 remember – what smaller or bigger differences will be, the developer has not yet said.

An unusual feature of Shadowbringers will be the New Game Plus mode, allowing players to re-visit older content (including back to Final Fantasy 14 Version 2.0) to complete the main missions again, for example to survive the story to be able to. In this case, the player receives his current, usually much more fighting power, but he can get out before the end.

Small technical change: with the Final Fantasy 14 extension, it supports only 64-bit versions of Windows. Although the game should initially run on a 32-bit Windows system, users should be prepared for more and more errors and problems.

Even before the release of Shadowbringers – which will receive the version number 5.0 – it will be an upgrade to version 4.5 with a new important version. Players, also solo, can control the blue bird, which on one hand can do only one thing at a time: learn to attack monsters and fighting techniques and add them to their own repertoire. The magician will now be able to reach level 50, but later he will be able to continue parallel to other classes.

Graphics from Final Fantasy 14 – Shadowbringers (Photo: Square Enix)

Square Enix also announced that it will soon be restructuring the worlds and servers. However, with such measures the reason is not that the number of players is falling. On the contrary: many worlds are noticeably overcrowded five years after a difficult start, currently there are about 14 million players according to the manufacturer.

In the United States, one third will go to two data centers, in Europe in the future there will be two, not two. For friends to be able to compete with each other, paid character transfers are free. Details will be announced later by Square Enix.

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