Tuesday , September 29 2020

Sky TV channel compensates for the distortions of its customers


The match between FC Bayern and BVB was a top 11 match of the Bundesliga – but many spectators could not see it. Now announced the responsible compensation of the TV station.

Sky Broadcasting Service compensated it as they announced their clients who could not watch the Bundesliga top match between Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund (4-0) last Saturday due to live disturbances, as usual. Sky ticket holders who have booked a daily ticket for this football match or weekly ticket until November 3, 2019, will refund the redemption price.

Heaven has already apologized this weekend

Affected users of the SuperSport or Sky Monthly Ticket will be contacted directly by the payment sender and receive additional Sky content as compensation or for a substantial discount. This confirmed the sky to SID. Affected customers will be contacted by the end of December at the latest.

Disruptions to the 11th Bundesliga match were resolved during the second half. Live streaming via cable and satellite works continuously and smoothly. Sky has again apologized Sunday to all affected customers for the inconvenience.

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