Saturday , September 26 2020

Sexual Abuse in 136 Cases: Youth Guardians of the Claude Angels Association Detained – Berlin


For 20 years, the 50-year-old volunteered as a youth guard, most recently with a fishing club in Clawow. Now the man is in custody. Severe suspicion: 136 cases of – sometimes serious – child sexual abuse.

And these are just cases from the past three years, the police and prosecutors are already familiar with and who has obtained the warrant. Internally, investigators fear the case could take on even greater proportions – and that the man who systematically abused his role of youth watchdog and abused countless children has remained undiscovered for years.

Possible victims should contact the competent authorities

Police and prosecutors are calling on other potential victims and their relatives to contact the authorities. "Investigations – especially with regard to any other suspected victims – are continuing," the report said.

Already on November 1, the man for immediate suspicion of the multiple, some serious sexual abuse of children. In the past three years alone, he is said to have sexually abused at least four boys between the ages of eight and eleven.

Investigators arrested the man in his caravan. During the search, the police found ample evidence. They included a number of cases that "according to descriptions of children in abusive behaviors were to be regularly used", police and prosecutors said on Monday. The seized data media should now be evaluated. It is about whether the suspect was filming or photographing his actions.

'Astonished and shocked'

The president of the club in question told Taggesfegel, "I am just as shocked and shocked as anybody else in the club." The suspect had been at the club for several years and did a good job as a youth guard. "The youth group is growing with us, the kids having fun and asking again and again when they come back to the water."

The man had previously been a member of other clubs and also had many contacts there. He has been described very positively by other clubs. According to the club president, the victims are members of the club.

The club boss said he never received any signals or messages that there were inconsistencies with the youth guard. "Otherwise, I would respond immediately or he would never be a youth guard anyway." The suspect did not provide a continuing certificate of good conduct. Whether the club grounds were among the potential crime scenes, he cannot say.

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