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Sergei Sirotkin defends himself against Lewis Hamilton


( – Sergei Sirotkin responded to Lewis Hamilton's allegations. The Briton accused the Russians of "disrespect" in qualifying in Brazil, but Williams's driver does not want to let it be the same. "There are not many people who respect him like me," says the World Champion. Sirotkin was terrified when he tried to transfer the British in his Outlap on turn 12, but also pulled him to the left. Both prevented a collision, and then Hamilton could withdraw his pole position at Interlagos. Sirotkin will start from the 14th.

Sergey Sirotkin

Sergei Sirotkin defends himself against Hamilton's allegations: a lot of respect! zoom

"It's very simple, we were both on our outlap," Sirotkin describes the scene from his perspective. Unplanned, he went on the route. At that time, the tires were not yet fully heated, which is 27 degrees below its specifications. "So I had to push hard, I was very quick and then I saw that he was riding very slowly in front of me."

Sirotkin arrived in the third sector with a significant excess speed because Hamilton was preparing for a quick lap. He moved to turn 12 to the left to avoid the ideal Mercedes line. But Hamilton also shifted to the left, only to prevent a collision. "I did not expect him to give me a perfect line because we both came to each other, I turned left to go in. He saw me in the last second and avoided me, but I was 200 km / h faster. That was why it was very difficult to prevent touching. "

Hamilton "did nothing wrong"

Sirotkin repeatedly emphasizes that he is not asking for fault with Hamilton. "He did nothing wrong, I just had to push on" Outlap ", which is very unusual, but such things can happen." Hamilton was also surprised that the novice had arrived so quickly. He was surprised when he prepared for a quick lap and tried to keep his distance with his teammate Valtter Bottas. The Briton stressed after qualifying that he is a sign of respect, keeping the distance to the front pilot.

Sergey Sirotkin

Sirotkin needs to raise the temperature of his tires – and brakes Hamilton zoom

"I see it differently, if you look at how I behave in general on the track, there are very few other pilots who show such respect," says Sirotkin. "Especially in the case of leading cars fighting for the title, I strongly disagree." After all, there are not many other drivers who respect Hamilton as much as he does.

In the end, Sirotkin could not finish his plans, as he intended, he had to slow down. "I was with an accelerator with two wheels on the grass, so I went back to the racing line, got off the accelerator and had to change the steering wheel a little, then went for a quick lap, right behind me and getting up the straight line was overtaking again."

"Not on topic" for Mercedes

The Russian does not want to inflate the subject too much. "Maybe I'll talk to him, but I do not want to change the mosquito into an elephant." He was not surprised that the incident was not investigated by the race commissioners. This is a unique situation that does not happen very often, we talk a lot about it and it will be a great story, but not much happened. "

Pictures: Brazilian Grand Prix, Saturday

In the case of Mercedes, the topic is already put on the shelf. "This is not a topic for me," comments team boss Mercedes Toto Wolff. "It was a warm lap, a misunderstanding between two drivers, Sergei said he did not waste time and it was a misunderstanding, and from Lewis point of view it was also a misunderstanding because he wanted to stay off the beaten track because he thought" Sergei was on a fast lap without warning on the radio it could have led to an accident, but he did not do it. "

Nevertheless, Sirotkin had to interrogate the commissioners. He was chalked that he was driving too slowly in a different qualifying situation. In Q1 he was too slow on his knees in the pits. The FIA ​​then issued a warning. The Russian explains that he had to pass a few pilots, and the data on his display did not agree with the FIA ​​data. FIA noticed in its justification that the configuration error led to discrepancies. This is Sirotkin's first warning this season.

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