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Scandal Stalin about publisher Holger Friedrich – B.Z. Berlin

The news shook the Berlin landscape on Friday. The new owner of Berliner Zeitung was an unofficial employee at the time of the GDR.

Holger Friedrich, 53, was IM Peter Bernstein. Friedrich, who has been the new owner of the Berlin Verlag (Berliner Zeitung, Berliner Courier) for less than three weeks, is an informal employee (IM) at Stasi in the GDR.

According to a report by Welt am Sonntag (WamS), he spied under the codename "Peter Bernstein" for the Ministry of State Security (MFS).

Accordingly, it came during his military service in the People's Army from December 1987 to February 1989 at conspiratorial meetings with Stasi's officers. It is said that twelve mainly written informal reports mention more than 20 people in identifying ways.

This mention led to the fact that Stasi had "measures" against some of those concerned. In one case, a soldier should be convicted and prosecuted.

As Friedrich himself said on Friday in his own name to the Berliner Zeitung (on the Internet), he would reveal to the soldier at the time "and we agreed in secret, which messages are forwarded to the MFS officer."

IM file Peter Bernstein reveals that Holger Friedrich was a spy on Stasi (Photo: ** BdStU)
IM file Peter Bernstein reveals that Holger Friedrich was a spy on Stasi (Photo: ** BdStU)

Woms quoted further from Frederick's written assessment of his senior officer: "He accused the people of his circle in the conversations." Stasi was arrested.

Civil rights activist Dombrowski: "Explanation is nonsense".

"The explanation that he was forced to stop even worse is nonsense. But every IM thinks he had good reasons. Everything progressed. No one is shot unless they sign the Statement of Declaration, "said Dieter Dombrowski, 68, county president of the CDU Haveleland and federal president of the Union of Victims of Communist Tyranny, to B.Z.

Dombrovsky himself was sentenced to four years in prison for "illegally crossing the border" and "not communicating". "Already at U-Shaft I was offered a collaboration with Stasi. I refused "

The civil rights activist now sees the Berlin publishing house's reputation at stake. "Editors cannot accept their owner's background because the credibility of their entire medium would be at stake. If Holger Friedrich Weger remains, this will discredit every editor of Berliner Zeitung and the Berlin Courier. "

Dombrovsky also accuses Holger Friedrich of abusing his own media by responding to WamS 'request only in his leaf. "When publishers use their own media for their own cause – it's very unprofessional. But that's exactly what Erich Schenecker did with New Germany. "

Just a week after the takeover, Berliner Zeitung had a commendable article by the East German biotech company on the front page. It was not mentioned that the publisher Holger Friedrich himself is a shareholder of the company as well as a member of the supervisory board, as Der Spiegel reported.

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