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Running / Bavaria: Vocational school alert for bombs – a major operation is underway

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An unknown person has issued a bomb threat against a vocational school. A large police operation is under way in the Bavarian Strobing.

  • In Straubing, a bomb threat against a vocational school was threatened.
  • 400 students were evacuated.
  • A huge police operation is underway.

15.07 clock update: Police said two main buildings are now in the school search, Nothing suspicious found. Police assume that the search for the rest of the building will take about 90 minutes.

Update from 13:27: Police said about a quarter of the area was scanned by explosive dogs. Dogs need regular breaks to work again. It may take some time, police say.

Straubing: Vocational school bomb threat: BRC is also on site

13.17 Clock Update: And that Arch is on the scene after a bomb threat against a vocational school. Along with the Maltese are still around 100 student taken care of.

Kripo Strobing calls 09421/8680 relevant information.

Update from 12:45 pm: Meanwhile, the area is being searched for by serving dogs. In addition to the Lower Bavaria police dogs, there are federal police with service dog handlers and their dogs explosive dog in use.

Bomb threat against Straubing vocational school: school day is over

12.23 clock update: The School of Technical Vocational School leadership has announced that the school day is over for today. Students who do not have much needed school supplies can go home. Police also communicated on Twitter.

12.18 pm Update: The area around vocational school is surrounded by large-scale police. As police write on Twitter, it is necessary search vocational school and primary schools. At the same time, Kripo's investigations into the anonymous caller.

Strombing bomb threat – traffic jams at the site

Clock 12.07 update: Currently working Straubing a major police operation. Against vocational school it was morning bomb threat application. According to police, there are significant obstacles to traffic around the site.

Vocational School Bomb Threat: Large Police Operation in Straubing Underway

First report from November 13, 11.58 am

Straubing – Vocational School in Pestalozzistraße in Strobing it was cleared in the morning. An unknown man spoke one threat opposite the school. Just before eleven o'clock there was a call to the technical vocational school. An unknown person said a bomb was planted at the school. 400 students were evacuated. on search Currently the school is running.

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