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Rewe has undergone radical changes in stores – many customers will be upset

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Rewe is struggling in the area of ​​customer service. Now the supermarket group is reacting.

Cologne – Anyone who goes to the supermarket often visits the bakery at the same time. Because around Rewe has linked in store the store with fresh pastries and cakes. This should now end – and already next year. How come Lebensmittelzeitung When he first reported, Reeve separated from his hostages. Business is not profitable enough.

Bitter news for Rewe's customers – a change in 2020

By 2020, according to the report, around 110 bakeries in the current form are to be abandoned across the country. The group is currently working with the Glockenbrot Bakery with plants in Frankfurt and Bergkirchen in the Dahau area of ​​Bavaria. For lovers of this baking message.

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Rewe: Outdated stores need to be rented to regional bakeries

Bread, rolls or croissants will probably continue to be available on Rewe. The chain wants to sell the stores now directly to regional bakeries. on Journal of General Baker writes that current sales staff should take over the new, regional bakery tenants.

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At the Glockenbrot factory in Frankfurt, however, some jobs are still at risk. Rewe is now reportedly focusing on contributions to self-service bakery products.

Rewe: Personnel and Transportation Costs: Reeve pulls out of bakeries

Customers accept the offer well, but domestic staff and bakery transportation costs are too expensive. Even Rewe's competitor, Edeka, does Lebensmittelzeitung According to him, it is difficult to profitably handle his bakeries in his branches. In the case of Rewe, operators had to travel longer distances daily to bring baked goods to the store.

Like many in the industry, the supermarket adapts to changing customer demands. In the meantime, the group responds to specific requests from environmentally conscious customers. In addition, they can pay in a new way at affiliates. Reeve recently caused a sensation when one of the branches checked his clients' pockets. The backgrounds here.


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