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Review for November 15 and the following days


Tomorrow another exciting episode of "Sturm der Libe" awaits us again. What happens in it and the consequences of the following days, you will learn here:

Storm of Love: Review for Friday, November 15th

After passing the exam, Paul and Lucy fell into their arms, relieved. Bella is then surprised that something is going on between the two and appeals to her in horror.

Even if Francis does not feel comfortable, she starts the deal with Christoph. But he is not thinking about sticking to his part of the deal. Will Franz soon regret his decision?

Natasha cannot explain Michael's irritable behavior. Just a phone call with Fabien Michael comes back to him and makes a decision …

André can't resist teasing Alphonse about his pottery. Therefore, Alphonse almost regrets being involved as an artist. However, Hildegard speaks well with him and motivates him to continue pottery. (Source: ARD)

Weekly Review of "Storm of Love"

Storm of Love: Review for Monday, November 18th

Storm of Love: Review of November 18th
Storm of Love: November 18th Review ARD / Christoph Arnold

Despite her sleep problems, Michael does not want to prescribe sleeping pills for Margit. Allegedly, Margit then calls Michael's radio show and complains that he did not help her. Michael shoots an Air collar. What's wrong with him?

Attempt to seduce Annabella with Dr. Ing. Borg goes wrong. She has no doubt that her doctor sees something quite different in her …

Bella is obviously uncomfortable when she accuses Lucy and Paul and apologizes. But is his suspicion really so absurd?

Robert wants to make Eve a very special joy on the day of her wedding. He turns to Alphonse and Hildegard, Robert just too happy to help. When Eve learns of Robert's surprise, she is thrilled. (Source: ARD)

Storm of Love: Review for Tuesday, November 19th

Francis is invited to the celebration, which brings Christof to the team. But she borrows the dress of a wealthy Russian who lives in Furstenhof and should be out of the house the next day. However, she returns earlier than expected and sees Francis in her dress. For Francis, the evening was a turning point he never expected.

Michael is even scared of his radio pickup. Although he reconciles with Margit, he does not want to talk about Andre and Natasha about the real reason for his slipping. How long will Michael be able to keep his secret to himself?

Eva and Robert celebrate their wedding day with Valentina, Hildegard and Alphonse. When Christoph saw the happy noise, he withdrew his resignation. Linda notices his melancholy and stands by him.

Essessica, who is happy with Eva about the crisis, comes to the wedding mood herself. Then she asks Henry a key question … (Source: ARD)

Storm of Love: Review for Wednesday, November 20th

Storm of Love: Review of November 20th
Storm of Love: November 20th Review ARD / Christoph Arnold

Esika realizes that Francis's big order of her beauty boxes is actually caused by Henry. Outraged, she asks: is she thinking, she can't do it without him?

While Francis suffers from love, Christophe is trying to do his son's job as an earring manager. But this requires Furstenhof to get his polo in the club. Christoph is skeptical. Will it still turn on?

After her parents' romantic celebration, Valentina surpasses Fabien's longing. Hildegard wants to distract her and bake Fabienne's favorite cake. Valentina appears with an idea … (Source: ARD)

Storm of Love: Review for Thursday, November 21

Dr. Borg wants to bring Annabelle to the lake as part of her therapy where she wants to kill Denise. Of course, Christopher should be there as her supervisor. Annabella feels her chance and plays Dr. Borg repentant earlier. Astonished by this theater, Christoph loses his temper …

Francis can dispel Tim's suspicion that he has feelings for him. They both decide to continue to be friends. But when Tim offers his driving lessons, Francis' heart beats again.

Werner organized an Argo money dog ​​to find his missing millions. But when Werner and Robert and the dog go in search of money, Argo involuntarily misses them.

Essessica refuses to accept that Henry and her are always at odds. So she proposes to Henry a dance class, which should help the two as a couple get back together. Is the essay plan going? (Source: ARD)

Storm of Love: Review for Friday, November 22nd

A Weather Overview of Love, November 22
Storm of Love: Review of November 22 ARD / Christoph Arnold

Anabella injured her shoulder during a fall on the lake, so Michael had to operate it. As Annabella wakes up after surgery, it becomes a bad surprise …

Tim reveals his dream of finding a polo club for Frances. Unfortunately, he has not yet found proper ownership. But Francis has a meadow in his head that can fit perfectly. Tim is excited.

During the walk, Lucy meets Beagle Argo, who watches over her and leads her to a pit. Lucy can hardly believe what she finds there: one million euros!

Andre learns that a well-known gastro critic wants to stand up to Linda's Cafe. But now her glorious hazelnut cake is out and Linda is not there. Andre decided to bake the cake himself. Does he succeed?

Christophe is angry that she was provoked by Annabella am See. To his horror, Dr. Borg realized that he had applied to the court to dissolve Christoph as acting Annabella. (Source: ARD)

Storm of Love: Review for Monday, November 25th

Tim is in good spirits: Francis' proposed meadow is perfect for his polo club. But Henry puts a damper on him: If he wants to make the Polo club, he needs a Crumbiggs orchard. How long will Tim go for his dream?

Michael fears the complications of Anabella's surgery are over. Under pressure, he leaves despair to Natasha, who seeks freedom. Will Michael Natasha Tell the Truth?

With the money, Lucy wants to do something good for as many people as possible and starts her work as an anonymous donor. But some reactions are different than Lucy imagined.

Andre has worked hard at the gastronomist at Linda's Cafe and the subsequent rating comes out very favorably for Coffee Libeling. However, the consequences for Andre are different than expected … (Source: ARD)

Storm of Love: Review for Tuesday, November 26th

A review of the storm of Love on November 26
Storm of Love: Review of November 26 ARD / Christoph Arnold

At a festive family dinner, Tim is set to be formally accepted into the Salfeld family. But the food doesn't go as planned and Tim has to realize that Christoph and Linda have been lying all the time.

Lucy's work begins to circulate and citizens innocently celebrate the "Angel of Bihlheim". In the meantime, Andre tells Lucy the undoubted, whose money is being given now: probably to Christoph Salfeld! Lucy is upset.

Essessica is looking forward to a shared dance class with Henry, but he doesn't want to spend so much money on it. Bella then offers up as a dance teacher.

Michael's hearing goes well. When Natasha has to travel to Hamburg because of her ailing father, Michael feels he cannot accompany her. So he uses Annabella's complications as an excuse to stay in Bihlheim. (Source: ARD)

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