Tuesday , September 22 2020

Recall on Reeve: Popular Spread Warning – Health Threat


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A Dutch company remembers the spread of carrots. For some people, consumption of the product can be dangerous.

Werden – Having an allergy is no joke – neither with nuts nor with sesame seeds. That's why the company calls A-Wer Tapas BV one of its spreads is now back. Spread carrot on Dutch manufacturer was also sold in Germany.

Spread carrots – risk of allergic reaction

Spread Problem: Contains sesame seeds, without specifying the packaging. For buyers with sesame intolerance this could be too much allergic reactions leadership, the company said in a press release.

The warning applies to the Deli Genus spicy product Carrot spread with ginger, 150 grams, best before date 25.11.2019 To protect consumers, Tapas BV A-accessories spreading back. Even grocery retailer Reeve warns in turn about the product.

Product Reminder: Manufacturer warns of carrot spread

In no case should carrot shoppers be allowed to spread ginger to eat the food. To prevent this, the company took the product directly out of sale. Customers can return the product to the appropriate market. You will be refunded the purchase price even without presentation of receipt.

At the same time, other brands are returning individual products: Aldi warns of frozen fish, Whereas there are potato salad reservations and bears' brands resemble milk.

Video: Reeve: Verbepan triggers a storm

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