Tuesday , October 26 2021

Prince Charles worries about the future of Harry & # 39; s child!


Great pleasure from all Royal fans! For almost a month it is clear that Prince Harry (34) and Duchess Meghan (37) are expecting their first child. Since then, the eyes are even more focused on the popular pair, congratulations are provided to the husband and wife during each public appearance. But Prince Charles (69) not only rejoices at the news, but also worries about his unborn grandson.

During his visit to Ghana, the British heir to the throne has recently become maudlin when he spoke about the descendant of the youngest son. "Soon I will be a grandfather and probably some of you have grandchildren. But it seems ordinary madness that we leave them this dirty, ruined and destroyed world. "– said ecologists loudly The Telegraph They complained. In his opinion, all grandchildren deserved a better future.

With his ecological awareness, Karol also shaped his sons and educated them in the right energy savers. A feature that Meghan probably does not like in Harry. In the end, he wants to light less light than a native American.

Prince Harry and Princess MeghanGetty ImagesPhoto gallery button
Prince Harry and Princess Meghan
Prince Charles during the flower showGetty Images

Prince Charles during the flower show
Prince Charles in Accra, GhanaGetty Images

Prince Charles in Accra, Ghana

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